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25KG Top Dressing (Bag) - Bulk buy

25KG Top Dressing (Bag) - Bulk buy

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Premier 70/30 Turf Top Dressing 25kg bag

Bulk buy packs of 25kg bags.

What is 70/30 Turf Top Dressing?

A high quality topdressing material, suitable for dressing any fine turf. Popular with bowls clubs and the owners of fine lawns, it can be used to produce a smooth, free draining turf surface and open soil structure.

Application of 70/30 top dressing over fresh seed, improves seed to soil contact thereby encouraging germination and aiding healthy seed establishment.

How is it made?

Made from a blend of 70% specially selected sports sand and 30% graded top soil. Heat treated and screened over a 3mm square mesh the resulting product is free flowing and therefore easily spread.

Application guidelines for fine turf dressing:

Light dressing @ 2kg per sqm

Medium dressing @ 4kg per sqm

Heavy Dressing @ 6kg per sqm

Particle Size Distribution (PSD) Typical Analysis


Classification % Retained
Fine Gravel 0.9
Very Coarse Sand 1.4
Coarse Sand 7.8
Medium Sand 53.5
Fine Sand 33.8
Very Fine Sand 2.5
Clay/Silt 0.1
pH 7.3
Free Lime Content Trace

All of our sands, soils, dressings, loams, and rootzones are natural products. Therefore, they are subject to variation in colours and appearance. All pictures are for illustration only.


Available in both dumpy bags and small bags for easier handling and storage. Available in small 25kg, dumpy bags as well as in 10, 20 and 29 loose tonne loads.

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