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3-0-3 TurfStore Fertiliser - 5kg Bag

3-0-3 TurfStore Fertiliser - 5kg Bag

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3-0-3 TurfStore Fertiliser is a highly effective general-purpose NPK granular fertiliser especially designed to promote strong, healthy plants, trees & vegetables. Growmore contains two major plant macronutrients (nitrogen and potassium)  Each of these macronutrients have their own benefits; nitrogen aids with photosynthesis and potassium regulates CO2 uptake during photosynthesis.


Application rate 35 - 70g/m2

    Pack coverage upto 143m2
    Granular size 1-2mm
    • Apply evenly, avoid overlapping or missing areas, using a suitable calibrated fertiliser spreader.

    • If there is no rain within 2 days of application irrigate the treated area thoroughly.

  • Do not apply in hot, dry weather or frosty conditions.

    Product Analysis

    3% nitrogen, 0% phosphate & 3% potassium

    For further information regarding 3-0-3 TurfStore Fertiliser or any of our other turf fertilisers, please contact our technical sales team on 01652 409 458.

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