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5-24-24 High P & K Fertiliser 600kg Bulk Bag

5-24-24 High P & K Fertiliser 600kg Bulk Bag

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Boost Your Soil's Vitality with 5-24-24 High P & K Fertiliser - 600kg Bulk Bag

Introducing our premium 5-24-24 High P & K Fertiliser, packaged in a convenient 600kg bulk bag, designed to enrich your soil with essential phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) for robust plant growth and development. This specialized blend is ideal for agricultural and large-scale landscaping applications, providing a balanced nutrient profile that supports healthy root systems and vibrant foliage.

Key Features:

  1. Optimal Nutrient Ratio: Formulated with a balanced 5-24-24 ratio of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K), tailored to promote strong root development, flowering, and fruiting in a variety of plants and crops.

  2. High P & K Content: Contains high concentrations of phosphorus and potassium, crucial for enhancing plant resilience to stress, improving water and nutrient uptake, and supporting overall plant vigor.

  3. Versatile Application: Suitable for diverse soil types and plant varieties, including agricultural crops, ornamental plants, and turfgrass, ensuring comprehensive nutrient supplementation.

  4. Bulk Bag Convenience: Packaged in a 600kg bulk bag for economical use on large plots of land, providing cost-effective fertilisation solutions for commercial and extensive landscaping projects.


  • Agricultural Use: Enhances soil fertility for crops such as cereals, vegetables, and fruits, promoting healthy growth and maximizing yield potential.

  • Landscaping Projects: Ideal for improving soil quality in parks, golf courses, and public gardens, ensuring lush greenery and vibrant plant displays.

  • Turfgrass Maintenance: Supports robust root development and drought tolerance in sports fields, lawns, and recreational areas, maintaining turf health and appearance.

Why Choose 5-24-24 High P & K Fertiliser?

Our high-quality fertiliser is a trusted choice among agricultural professionals and landscapers, delivering superior nutrient supplementation and promoting sustained plant health and productivity. For precise application rates tailored to specific soil conditions and crop requirements, conducting soil samples is recommended to optimize nutrient efficiency and achieve optimal results.

Enhance your soil's nutrient balance and cultivate thriving plants with 5-24-24 High P & K Fertiliser. Unlock the potential of your agricultural and landscaping projects with a fertiliser designed for robust growth and lasting vitality.

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