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5-7-10+TE Flower and Veg Fertiliser 25kg

5-7-10+TE Flower and Veg Fertiliser 25kg

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Nourish Your Plants with 5-7-10+TE Flower and Veg Fertiliser 25kg

Give your flowers and vegetables the nutrients they need to thrive with Nutrigrow 5-7-10+TE Flower and Veg Fertiliser. This specialised blend is meticulously formulated to support healthy growth, abundant flowering, and bountiful yields. Packed with essential nutrients, including 5% nitrogen, 7% phosphate, 10% potassium, and trace elements (TE), it ensures comprehensive nutrition for optimal plant health.

Key Features:

  1. Balanced Nutrient Composition: The 5-7-10 ratio provides a balanced blend of nitrogen for foliage growth, phosphate for root development, potassium for flower and fruit formation, and essential trace elements for overall plant vitality.

  2. Enhanced Flowering and Fruit Production: Promotes prolific blooms and robust fruit set, ensuring vibrant colours and high-quality yields.

  3. Versatile Application: Ideal for use in flower beds, vegetable gardens, container plants, and greenhouse crops, providing versatile nutrition for a variety of plants.

  4. Trace Elements Enrichment: Contains essential trace elements such as iron, manganese, and zinc, enhancing nutrient uptake and supporting healthy plant growth.


  • Flower Beds and Borders: Enhances flowering and maintains vibrant blooms throughout the season.

  • Vegetable Gardens: Supports vigorous growth of vegetables, ensuring healthy crops and abundant harvests.

  • Greenhouse and Container Plants: Provides essential nutrients for potted plants and greenhouse crops, promoting lush foliage and robust growth.

Why Choose 5-7-10+TE Flower and Veg Fertiliser?

Nutrigrow 5-7-10+TE Flower and Veg Fertiliser is a preferred choice among gardeners and horticulturists for its balanced formulation and reliable performance. Whether you're cultivating flowers for a stunning garden display or growing vegetables for your table, this fertiliser delivers the nutrients needed for thriving plants and impressive yields.

Enhance your gardening success with Nutrigrow 5-7-10+TE Flower and Veg Fertiliser 25kg. Nurture vibrant flowers and healthy vegetables with a product designed to maximize growth, flowering, and fruit production across diverse garden settings.

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