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6-9-6 Nutrigrow Pre-Seeder Fertiliser 20kg

6-9-6 Nutrigrow Pre-Seeder Fertiliser 20kg

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Prepare Your Soil with 6-9-6 Nutrigrow Pre-Seeder Fertiliser 20kg

Give your seeds the best start with Nutrigrow 6-9-6 Pre-Seeder Fertiliser, a specially formulated blend designed to enhance seed germination and early root development. Packed with essential nutrients including 6% nitrogen, 9% phosphate, and 6% potassium, this fertiliser supports strong root establishment and vigorous plant growth from the very beginning.

Key Features:

  1. Optimized Nutrient Balance: The 6-9-6 ratio provides a balanced blend of nitrogen for early foliage growth, phosphate for root development, and potassium for overall plant health and stress resistance.

  2. Enhanced Seed Germination: Promotes quicker and more uniform seed germination, ensuring a strong start for your lawn, crop, or garden.

  3. Strengthened Root Systems: Supports robust root development, improving nutrient uptake and enhancing plant resilience against environmental stresses.

  4. Versatile Application: Suitable for use in new seed beds, lawn renovations, and planting areas, ensuring comprehensive nutrition for successful establishment.


  • New Lawn Establishment: Prepares soil for seeding or sodding, promoting rapid and healthy turf establishment.

  • Vegetable and Flower Beds: Enhances soil fertility and supports early growth of vegetables, annuals, and perennials.

  • Landscaping Projects: Ideal for preparing soil in commercial and residential landscaping projects, ensuring optimal conditions for plant growth.

Why Choose 6-9-6 Nutrigrow Pre-Seeder Fertiliser?

Nutrigrow 6-9-6 Pre-Seeder Fertiliser is trusted by gardeners and landscapers for its reliable performance and quality formulation. Whether you're starting a new lawn or enhancing planting beds, this fertiliser provides the essential nutrients needed for successful seed germination and vigorous plant establishment.

Prepare your soil for optimal seedling growth with Nutrigrow 6-9-6 Pre-Seeder Fertiliser 20kg. Experience the benefits of enhanced root development and robust plant growth with a product designed to maximize seedling success and ensure thriving landscapes.

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