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8-12-8 + 3% MgO TurfStore Fertiliser - 25kg Bag

8-12-8 + 3% MgO TurfStore Fertiliser - 25kg Bag

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8-12-8 + 3% MgO TurfStore Fertiliser - 25kg Bag

Enhance the health and appearance of your lawn with our 8-12-8 + 3% MgO TurfStore Fertiliser. Specially formulated to provide a balanced blend of nutrients, this high-quality fertiliser ensures vigorous growth and vibrant green color in your grass. Ideal for professional landscapers and home gardeners alike, this 25kg bag covers a substantial area, making it perfect for both large and small lawns.

Key Features:

  • Balanced Nutrition: Contains 8% nitrogen, 12% phosphate, and 8% potassium to support healthy growth and strong root development.
  • Added Magnesium (3% MgO): Promotes vibrant green color and enhances photosynthesis.
  • Comprehensive Care: Suitable for all types of grass, ensuring uniform growth and resilience.
  • Easy Application: Granular form allows for even distribution, ensuring consistent coverage.

Application Rates:

  • General Use: Apply at a rate of 35-50g per square meter for best results.
  • Frequency: Recommended application every 6-8 weeks during the growing season.

Why Choose Our TurfStore Fertiliser?

  • High-Quality Ingredients: Formulated with premium nutrients to ensure optimal lawn health.
  • Cost-Effective: A 25kg bag provides extensive coverage, making it an economical choice for large areas.
  • Professional Results: Trusted by landscapers for its reliable performance and consistent results.

Upgrade your lawn care routine with the 8-12-8 + 3% MgO TurfStore Fertiliser and enjoy a lush, healthy lawn that stands out.

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