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9-7-7 Nutrigrow Spring Lawn Fertiliser 10kg

9-7-7 Nutrigrow Spring Lawn Fertiliser 10kg

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Achieve a Lush Spring Lawn with 9-7-7 Nutrigrow Spring Lawn Fertiliser 10kg

Prepare your lawn for the season ahead with Nutrigrow 9-7-7 Spring Lawn Fertiliser, a specially formulated blend designed to promote healthy growth and vibrant greenery. Packed with essential nutrients including 9% nitrogen, 7% phosphate, and 7% potassium, this fertiliser supports robust root development, lush foliage, and overall turf resilience.

Key Features:

  1. Spring-Specific Formula: Tailored for springtime application, providing the necessary nutrients to kickstart vigorous growth and revive your lawn after winter dormancy.

  2. Balanced Nutrient Ratio: The 9-7-7 ratio ensures a balanced blend of nitrogen for foliage growth, phosphate for root development, and potassium for stress resistance, promoting comprehensive lawn health.

  3. Quick-Release Formula: Fast-acting nutrients are quickly absorbed by grass roots, delivering visible results within weeks and ensuring a rapid green-up of your lawn.

  4. Easy Application: Packaged in a convenient 10kg bag, it's designed for easy handling and spreading, suitable for both small and large lawn areas.


  • Spring Lawn Revitalisation: Promotes rapid green-up and thickening of grass, ensuring a vibrant and healthy lawn.

  • Root Development: Enhances root growth for improved nutrient uptake and drought resistance, preparing your lawn for the challenges of the growing season.

  • General Lawn Maintenance: Provides essential nutrients to maintain lush green colour and support overall turf vigor throughout the spring months.

Why Choose 9-7-7 Nutrigrow Spring Lawn Fertiliser?

Nutrigrow 9-7-7 Spring Lawn Fertiliser is trusted by homeowners and professionals alike for its reliable performance and quality formulation. Whether you're preparing your lawn for outdoor activities or enhancing its aesthetic appeal, this fertiliser delivers the nutrients needed for a vibrant, resilient lawn.

Prepare your lawn for spring with Nutrigrow 9-7-7 Spring Lawn Fertiliser 10kg. Experience the difference in lawn health and appearance with a product designed to maximize growth and maintain lush greenery throughout the season.

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