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Boughton Kaloam Loam 25kg Bag (1 pallet x 40 bags)

Boughton Kaloam Loam 25kg Bag (1 pallet x 40 bags)

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Boughton Kaloam Loam 25kg Bag (1 Pallet x 40 Bags)

Enhance your sports surfaces with the premium quality of Boughton Kaloam Loam, now available in convenient 25kg bags. This high-performance loam is specifically engineered for cricket pitches and other sports surfaces, providing the perfect balance of firmness, drainage, and nutrient content. Each pallet includes 40 bags, making it ideal for large-scale projects requiring consistent, top-quality loam.

Key Features:

  • Optimal Balance: Combines the perfect mix of clay, silt, and sand to create a firm, resilient surface that supports athletic performance.
  • Excellent Drainage: Ensures quick water dispersal, preventing waterlogging and enabling faster pitch preparation and recovery.
  • Nutrient-Rich: Packed with essential nutrients to support healthy grass growth and maintain a vibrant playing surface.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for cricket pitches, tennis courts, and other sports surfaces requiring a high-quality, durable loam.
  • Convenient Packaging: 25kg bags are easy to handle, store, and apply, with each pallet containing 40 bags for comprehensive coverage.

Ideal For:

  • Cricket Pitches: Provides a consistent, high-quality playing surface for all levels of play, from local authority fields to school pitches.
  • Tennis Courts: Enhances the quality and performance of tennis courts, ensuring a smooth, reliable surface.
  • Multi-Sport Surfaces: Suitable for various sports applications, offering flexibility and superior results.

Application Instructions:

  1. Prepare the Area: Clear the site of any debris and level the ground as needed.
  2. Spread Evenly: Apply the Boughton Kaloam Loam evenly across the surface using appropriate spreading equipment.
  3. Incorporate into Soil: Lightly rake or brush the loam to work it into the top layer of soil, ensuring a smooth, firm surface.
  4. Compact and Level: Use a roller or compactor to ensure the loam is evenly distributed and firmly integrated into the surface.
  5. Regular Maintenance: Continue with regular maintenance practices, such as watering, rolling, and reapplying loam as necessary to maintain optimal surface conditions.

Why Choose Boughton Kaloam Loam 25kg Bag (1 Pallet x 40 Bags):

  • Trusted Quality: A preferred choice for groundskeepers and sports facility managers, ensuring consistent, reliable performance.
  • Easy Handling: Convenient 25kg bags simplify transport, storage, and application, making your work more efficient.
  • Bulk Supply: One pallet contains 40 bags, providing ample material for extensive projects and ensuring consistent quality throughout.
  • Superior Results: Enhances the playability, safety, and appearance of your sports surfaces, promoting a professional-grade experience.

Transform your sports surfaces with Boughton Kaloam Loam, offering the perfect blend of firmness, drainage, and nutrient content. Ensure consistent, high-performance results with every application and enjoy the benefits of a superior playing surface.

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