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Gem Granules 5kg

Gem Granules 5kg

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Brand Gem Granules
Active Ingredient 4% propyzamide
MAPP NO 19182
LERAP Category Does Not Apply
Pack Size 5kg
Pack Size Coverage Treat 1,300 trees
Spreading Rate 37.5kg per hectare / 3.8g per m²
Application Method(S) Spread by Hand
Treats (Pest/Weed/Disease) Bindweed, Broadleaved Weeds, Couch Grass, Daisy, Dandelion, Fat Hen, Garden Weeds, General Weeds, Meadow Grass, Shepherds purse
Area Of Use Horticulture, Trees & Ornamentals
Safe For Use On Conifer Safe, Safe Around Fruit Trees, Safe Around Shrubs, Safe Around Trees
Period Of Use Autumn, Winter
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Gem Granules is a granular residual herbicide that can be applied around trees, shrubs and ornamental plantings in order to deliver long-lasting weed control against grasses and broad-leaved weeds. It is best to apply Gem Granules between October & January when conditions are cooler. This will control many of the weeds which are present at the time and also deliver long-lasting control of germinating weeds.

Gem Granules are the standard treatment when controlling weeds around Christmas trees as it does not harm the tree and offers long lasting control. Use this product with the Gem Granule Applicator for even coverage. Gem Granules are a more cost effective alternative to main brand, Kerb Granules.

To view the full list of controllable weeds, and the range of trees & ornamentals it is safe to use around, please download the product label.

If you require a smaller pack size then please look at Gem Granules 1kg.

Key Benefits:

  • Offers long-lasting weed control over grasses and broad-leaved weeds around trees, shrubs and ornamental plantings.
  • The go to product when controlling weeds around Christmas trees.
  • More cost effective than the main brand, Kerb Granules.
  • Can be used in all weather conditions.

Our Recommendation:

  • Always read the product label before use.
  • We recommend using a Kerb / Gem Granule Applicator.
  • If you want to kill grass which is already established around trees & shrubs then use Falcon.
  • The active ingredient of this product is also available as a sprayable liquid called Kerb Flo 5L.
  • Always wear protective clothing, such as Chemical Resistant Gloves, when handling Gem Granules.


By law, everyone who uses pesticides professionally must have received adequate training in using pesticides safely and be skilled in the job they are carrying out." Upon purchasing this product you and/or the end users are responsibile for ensuring that these products are used in line with industry Approved Codes of Practice. All operators must be trained and certificated in using and applying any Ministry Approved Professional Product (MAPP). Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Please be aware that by proceeding you are purchasing a professional pesticide product. You must ensure the end user of these products complies with the DEFRA/HSE Code for the Safe use of Pesticides. There are legal responsibilities covering the storage and use of professional use pesticides. These responsibilities are covered by The Food and Environment Protection Act 1985 (FEPA) and Control of Pesticide Regulations 1986 (COPR).

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