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Lawn Shade Turf Roll (1m2). Shady Areas

Lawn Shade Turf Roll (1m2). Shady Areas

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If the health of your turf is an issue in shaded areas, Lawn Shade provides the solution. This medium-texture, low-maintenance turf is grown using grass cultivars which flourish in a shaded environment. It is grown for a minimum of 18 months before harvesting.

Lawn Shade is suitable for use in municipal gardens, shaded landscapes and lawns, all recreational areas and on golf tees and racecourses.

This turf is only harvested on a Wednesday.

Roll size: 610mm wide x 1.64m long = 1sq m

Key Benefits

  • Extremely High Shade Tolerance
  • Very aggressive with unique stoloniferous creeping ability
  • Medium texture – grown for 18months
  • Exceptional wear tolerance due to high shoot density
  • Superb year round colour – impassive to climate change
  • Drought tolerant
  • Low maintenance – 50% less mowing than a conventional Rye lawn
  • Requires less fertilizer but little and often

Typical Seed Composition - Lawn Shade

Grass Species

100% Supra / Supranova – Poa Supina

*Please select the barrowing service if you require the turf taking to a location away from the delivery vehicle (only available for local orders). Orders delivered via pallet service are not included. Please contact us if you are unsure.

Although every effort is made to minimise the occurrence, under certain circumstances some rolls may have a higher content of annual meadow grass than others. This is a direct consequence of the restriction on control by chemical application. It may become more evident in a lawn dependent on the seasons, onsite growing conditions and the maintenance employed.

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