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Nutrigrow Mosstop Fertiliser 6-5-10+FE 20kg

Nutrigrow Mosstop Fertiliser 6-5-10+FE 20kg

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Nourish Your Lawn with Nutrigrow Mosstop Fertiliser 6-5-10+6FE 20kg

Introducing Nutrigrow Mosstop Fertiliser, a premium blend crafted to enhance the health and beauty of your lawn. Formulated with a balanced ratio of nutrients including 6% nitrogen, 5% phosphate, 10% potassium, and 6% iron (Fe), this specialised fertiliser promotes robust growth, vibrant colour, and improved turf resilience.

Key Features:

  1. Balanced Nutrient Composition: The 6-5-10+6FE ratio supports healthy root development, strong foliage growth, and enhanced stress tolerance in grass.

  2. Iron Enrichment: Enriched with iron, this fertiliser enhances chlorophyll production, resulting in a deep green colour and improved overall lawn appearance.

  3. Versatile Application: Suitable for use on lawns, sports turf, and other grassed areas, providing comprehensive nutrition for optimal growth and vitality.

  4. Effective and Efficient: Designed for easy application with granules that disperse evenly, ensuring uniform coverage and quick nutrient absorption.


  • General Lawn Care: Promotes lush, healthy growth and maintains vibrant green colour throughout the year.

  • Seasonal Maintenance: Ideal for use during active growth periods to support turf health and resilience.

  • Enhanced Stress Tolerance: Helps turf withstand environmental stresses such as drought and foot traffic, maintaining a durable and attractive lawn.

Why Choose Nutrigrow Mosstop Fertiliser?

Nutrigrow Mosstop Fertiliser is a preferred choice among homeowners and groundskeepers for its quality formulation and reliable performance. Whether you're revitalising a tired lawn or maintaining a pristine turf, this fertiliser delivers essential nutrients for consistent growth and exceptional visual appeal.

Elevate your lawn care regimen with Nutrigrow Mosstop Fertiliser 6-5-10+6FE 20kg. Experience the difference in turf quality and resilience with a product designed to meet the specific needs of maintaining a healthy, green lawn year-round.

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