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Premier Landscape & Lawn Grass Seed 2kg

Premier Landscape & Lawn Grass Seed 2kg

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Premier Grass Seed is a high quality seed for a wide variety of areas. This seed has been specifically formulated for use in landscape and lawns. It can be used to overseed bare or patchy areas, or to create a new lawn. This mixture is also available in a 10 or 20kg bag for larger areas.

  • Sowing Rate 2kg bag will cover approx.: 40m2 

Contents Breakdown:

- 80% NUI Agricultural Perennial Ryegrass

- 20% Strong Creeping Red Fescue

Key Benefits:

- Suitable for new and existing lawns.

- Contains ryegrass.

- Available in several pack sizes to suit your area

Pack Size 2kg
Application Method(S) Spread by Hand, Spreader
Safe For Use On Grass, Lawns
Period Of Use All Year Round

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