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Straight Weed Wiper Stick

Straight Weed Wiper Stick

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Brand Micron

This hand held Weed Wiper offers a safe, simple & economical way of killing weeds. It is completely targeted meaning there is no risk of damage to other plants or wildlife. It is also safer to the operator when compared with using a knapsack sprayer.

This product is ideal for killing weeds which are amongst plants & borders; as you only kill the weeds you wipe there is no risk of harmful spray drift. It can also be used to selectively kill tough weeds such as ragwort & docks in grassland. This often works out cheaper than using a paddock weed killer.

Simply unscrew the top and fill with the required amount of weed killer. You should only use Glyphosate Products through this applicator at the following rates.

The head is 21cm long (8.3 inch).

Application Rates:

  • For general weeds use 1 part Gallup Biograde 5Lt or Roundup Pro Active with 2 parts water.
  • For tougher weeds use 1 part Roundup Pro Vantage 480 with 2.75 parts water.

Key Benefits:

  • Safe, simple and economical.
  • No risk of damaging surrounding plants.
  • Can be used to selectively kill weeds such as ragwort.

Our Recommendation:

  • Save money and time and mix with Blue Dye to ensure all areas are covered and not overdosed.
  • Always wear protective clothing when handling chemicals.
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